World Teacher’s Day

As we celebrate World Teacher’s Day and say ‘thank you’ for the great work they do, we take a look at why supply teaching may be for you. Supply teaching is a great opportunity for many reasons and can be an option that makes a real difference to not just your working life but your family and leisure life too. We have listed 10 benefits of supply teaching:

  1. Opportunity for flexibility. You decide when you work so if you want to plan a holiday during term time or be able to take a day off for your birthday, you can. You are always free to take time for yourself on supply – unless you are in a long-term placement whereby, we ask you to honour the agreement.
  2. A good opportunity for development and CPD. The opportunity of working with different schools and year groups can help your development and broaden your experience as you pick ideas from different places. Our agency can give you career advice and help you access CPD programmes all year round, enabling you to retain your professional status and remain up to date.
  3. A good option following retirement. If you are a retired teacher who is not ready to be at home full time and you would like to carry on working without the full commitment and responsibilities of a full and permanent teaching job, then supply teaching is a great option.  You can still have your freedom to go on holiday when you want and choose not to work when you do not want to, but you can keep your teaching status and skills current to earn that bit extra when it suits you.
  4. A good option if you have family or caring responsibilities. If you have family commitments that mean working in a permanent, full time teaching role would be problematic, supply teaching is a great way to work when you are able to do so, you choose the days, hours and location, leaving you the control to prioritise other things when needed.
  5. A good option when you relocate to a new area. Following relocation, supply teaching is a great way to see the local schools while you are applying for longer term teaching roles. It gets you known in lots of schools in a short period of time and easier to land the job you want in the long-term.
  6. Return to teaching following a career break. If you are a teacher who has had a career break and been away from the profession for a while, supply teaching will enable you ease yourself in gently without the full responsibilities and help you to add up to date experience to your CV. It demonstrates renewed commitment and interest in teaching, giving reassurance to employers that you can slot into a teaching position.
  7. If you are studying for a further qualification. If you start studying for a new qualification, a full-time job as a teacher can be very hard to juggle. The flexibility afforded by supply teaching can allow you the time to complete your studies whilst working.
  8. Experience variety as an ECT. Regularly seeing new schools, staff and children will broaden your experience and expose you to new ideas and methods of teaching. It develops your knowledge and experience which will populate your CV.  It will also give you the opportunity to understand which year groups you prefer to work with.
  9. If you prefer to test drive a school before applying for a permanent role. Supply teaching allows you to see a new school on a short-term basis before you apply for jobs there. It’s a great way of getting a good feel for a school, understanding their culture to see if you can see yourself fitting in.
  10. If you have found full time/permanent teaching too stressful but enjoy teaching. Teaching today has many extra roles and responsibilities that can be overwhelming. You may have felt that you could never switch off. Being a supply teacher means you are in control of where and when you work without the added pressure that normally sits alongside permanent teaching roles; you can enjoy teaching on your terms.

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