Royston St. John Baptist and St. Mary’s Primary School

I have needed to make significant use of the services of Provide Education this academic year at both schools.  This has included very long-term cover of a teacher (2 terms +), 3 to 4-week blocks, and ad hoc day to day cover of both teachers and support staff.

Staff sent have taken an active role in the life of the school attending staff training sessions, meeting with parents and preparing for whole school audits etc. The supply staff have felt to be substantive members of staff. Whenever I have rung, including evenings and weekends, the phone has been answered and the process of finding replacement staff has started.  I have been notified by text or call of the name of the person providing the cover before the work in school starts.  An email has been sent through to myself and office staff with DBS details and a photograph of the member of staff attending.

Provide have rung or emailed to check I am happy with the member of staff sent. You have also checked towards the end of the week, what cover in needed the following week.

I have been especially impressed with the level of flexibility. On a number of occasions, we have been unsure about the length of the cover needed and you have ensured that the member of staff has been available beyond the initial timescale.  This has enabled consistency for the children and helped to reassure parents that their children will not be taught by a range of staff.

When one of the supply staff has been unable to attend, new cover has been arranged at short notice. On one occasion, the school wasn’t happy with the member of staff sent and she was quickly replaced by a teacher whose ethos much more closely matched the ethos of the school.  All the above have helped to ensure a smooth running to the schools. Thanks very much!

Lee, Executive Headteacher