Eleanor, Primary Teacher

Fabulous Service
I have always received fabulous service from Provide Education. They have constantly found me work for the time I have been with them and always within my preferred age range and pay scale.  I always receive prompt communication with my agent and my questions are always politely answered with speed and respect.

I have very much enjoyed my time with Provide Education and the schools that use the agency.

Payment for the work done is weekly and has always been accurately paid.  I have worked alongside eight other Provide Education supply teachers during my time with Provide and everyone is so positive about working with the supply agency.

Emily, Laura and Ethan have always been such a brilliant help, giving me lots of advice, as much notice in advance (where possible) of the placement, full information of where, how and when to get there, who will greet me, what class and planning is available and I couldn’t ask for more help and guidance. Thank you.