Regulation Matters

Operam Education Group is supporting the Regulation Matters (RM) campaign which is concerned with the registration and regulation of thousands of nannies that work in the UK.RM state that “At the moment, nannies are an unregulated source of childcare in this country and, because they are unregulated, no one can say with any certainty how many there are but it’s likely to be in the tens of thousands.”RM believes that non-regulation of nannies means that children are left in unregulated childcare with no minimum standards, no registration requirements, little accountability as well as short comings in safeguarding checks.On the other hand, a poorly regulated system can also leave nannies vulnerable with long working hours, under payed and undervalued in terms of professionalism and training opportunities.

​Operam Education Group has long been an advocate of regulations that ensure safeguarding and maintenance of standards for all aspects of care and education for children.

Eddie said “I support this campaign whole heartedly; nannies play a fundamental role in children’s lives early on in key stages of their development. Not only are there safeguarding aspects to consider, but also the need to recognise the importance of the role that nannies play which warrants professional recognition. Other benefits include the opportunity for further training that can only raise standards in the care of children as well as the education and development of children under their care.”

“All those working in the Early Years Providers education sector underwent a regulation process several years ago which saw a rise in standards in childcare, an increase in training opportunities along with a new sense of value in the work they undertook”, according to Eddie.

Eddie further commented, “Education recruitment has long since upheld vetting and safeguarding checks for those who work with children which are undertaken rigorously for brands in the Operam Education Group. This is fundamental for anyone working with children and vulnerable adults. Operam Education Group is proud to support the registration and regulation of nannies in the UK, under the ‘Regulation Matters Campaign.’”

Tricia Pritchard, RM Chair said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have gained the support of the Operam Education Group, the added value you bring to our campaign is recognised and very much appreciated. It is important to us to gain the support from those in Education as we firmly believe childcare and education are inseparable partners and must all aim for the same levels of safeguarding, training and measures of best practice.”

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