Gary Mangham, Primary School Teacher

The top reason teachers give for entering the teaching profession is the opportunity to ‘work with young people and to make a difference’.  For Gary Mangham, the motive went a little deeper, as he wanted to contribute to the local area, particularly deprived areas of Barnsley, Rother and Doncaster to impact the future of young people within the region.

Gary had good reason to feel compelled to supporting the local community, having experienced the impact of pit closures, strikes and traditional businesses gradually phasing out, he was well aware of the importance of a good education and the wider career opportunities that it provided.

But in order to maximise the opportunity to learn, you have to have a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation of its value. Gary identified that this is often initiated by teachers, particularly your first one, which was the trigger for his primary teaching career.

For almost 30 years, Gary has dedicated his career to teaching primary children from year 2 to year 6 and drawn immense satisfaction from stimulating their initial introduction to learning.

Gary’s advice to those contemplating a career in teaching is to ensure that whatever your primary reason for wishing to become a teacher, “make sure you enjoy being around children and that you find their progress and development rewarding”.

Gary has completed three long-term assignments this year and after 30 years of teaching, still finds the job as rewarding as ever, explaining that , “recently, I returned to a school, where I was asked to cover  maternity leave.  I was welcomed back as a friend and a valued colleague; I enjoyed helping the Y2s, from a nearby infant school, transition and have positive experiences in their new (to them) Junior School”.

Registration with Provide Education has ensured Gary continues his teaching career supporting local schools in various areas.  He feels like a valued member of the team and explains “you are respected as a teacher, not an anonymous worker”.

As well as Provide being a local company with connections to all the local schools, Gary finds them to be professional, friendly and willing to listen; they value people and match experience to the right school environment, which has been key to Gary’s continued job satisfaction.