NTP makes an impact

62,000 pupils have now enrolled with the National Tuition Programme Tuition Partners in 2,500 schools across England. 10,000 tutors to date have registered an NTP tuition partner to provide vital support for disadvantaged pupils to bridge the attainment gap.

NTP secretariat director, Robbie Coleman, stated in his latest blog: “We are already hearing schools share their stories of tutoring and are on track to reach 250,000 pupils by the end of this academic year. The NTP is playing its part in the wider response to the coronavirus pandemic effect on schools across the country.”

The newly created NTP partnership between The Fischer Family Trust, Success for All and The Operam Education Group offers a unique approach to a collaborative education partnership that utilises the skills and capability of every partner to benefit every pupil. Visit www.fft.org.uk for more information on the National Tutoring Programme partner, and if you are interested in becoming a tutor and want to know more, see our tutoring page.