NQTs: Lights, Camera, Action!


If you need to attend an interview by video conference, there are several simple things you can do to increase your chances of success and find the right NQT position for you.

Set up your interview space: The setting you use for your video interviews will speak volumes about your professionalism. Make sure the background is clean, with no distractions or bright colours, and be aware of what can be seen behind you. Stay in the same area, you may want to try different areas of the house before deciding which is the best space for the interview. Ensure you are not disturbed during your interview, if you live with other people make sure they are aware you have an interview scheduled.

Test run your tech: Test your internet speed and stop any other data-intensive activities like downloading or streaming before your interview. Switch off any notifications, you don’t want constant beeps from your social media streams. Ensure the applications work and that you know how to use them beforehand, Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp appear to the most popular platforms.

Practice your body language: All the focus is going to be on you during this interview, so practice your body language in front of the camera and play back how it would look to the interviewer.  It’s always painful to watch and hear yourself but you will pick habits such as pulling your face too much, using your hands all the time or saying the same word repetitively, including ‘urm’!

Dress for the occasion: It’s just as important to make yourself presentable for a video interview as it is for a physical one – and we don’t just mean your top half. Dressing well will not just come across to your potential employer but will also help get you in the right mindset for a professional interview.

On the day, sign in early: Punctuality is even more important during a video interview than it is face-to-face, as there are no external factors that may affect your arrival time. Sign in early and run some pre-call checks to make sure you’re ready for a prompt start. Ensure you have enough battery on your device and access to a charger if need be.

Just like a physical interview, you make some of your best impressions with the questions you ask, you can view are guide on what to ask in an interview. It’s essential to research the school, view our guide on what you need to know about a school.

After the interview, send your interviewer a follow up message to thank them for their time.