Let the Christmas countdown begin

It’s 25 days till Christmas and we thought we would help you with some activities in class to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Educational practice

Why not extend your classroom education to learn about all the other global holidays that occur around December. Other important holidays include Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and Omisoka, each holiday has a wealth of cultural history behind. There are plenty of resources out there to learn about the various holidays, one informative summary piece we found is here.

To give some incentive to learn why not make a pop quiz for all the children to take part in, the winner gets some Christmas chocolates!

Group games

There are so many Christmas games you can take part in such as Christmas charades, Christmas themed Pictionary or Christmas hangman! Online you can also find plenty of Christmas themed word searches and word puzzles for students to do. Here is a great website we found!

Arts & Crafts

Let’s encourage children to get creative in the classroom!

A great idea is to ask them each to make their own special Christmas card to take home.  Or why not ask them to help decorate the classroom? They can create Christmas ornaments such as snowflakes and paper chains out of paper and make them dazzle with some glitter. For older children you can even ask them to make their own Christmas wreaths out of paper.

These are just a few ideas to celebrate the Christmas season, but there are plenty more out there – so please share what you will be doing in class to celebrate as we would love to hear!