Learning Disability Week

About Learning Disability Week

This year, Learning Disability Week 2023 starts on the 19th and finishes on the 25th of June. The focus of this years is about ‘busting myths about living life with a learning disability.’

Did you know that people who have a learning disability are twice as likely to experience a mental health issue due to factors like discrimination and social isolation? If you are a mainstream supply teacher, or TA why not help do something to increase awareness? You could increase awareness by sharing with pupils some of the great achievements many individuals with a learning disability aspire to. Here are a few examples.

Learning Disability Myth busters

Ellie Goldstein achieved her lifelong dream and has recently been on the front cover of Vogue magazine and has Down’s Syndrome. To view the YouTube video about it, please click here.

Bryony Moss is an actor, model, and disability advocate. She has her own very successful blog called ‘Defeating Disability’. To learn more about her achievements, please click here.

James Martin, an actor who won several film awards this year for his performance in an Irish Goodbye. He has a Down’s syndrome diagnosis. To view an interview with him about his film award please click here.

Beth Matthews, from Wales, was inspired to model after seeing Ellie Goldstein make her mark on the fashion world.
Tazia Fawley, from Somerset, a successful painter, famous for seascapes and landscapes.
Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy, the  stars of BBC’s Ralph and Katie,. The story centres on the two newlyweds who have Down’s syndromes.

For information and more on myth busters, you can visit the MENCAP website by clicking here.

LD Update

In addition, as we approach Learning Disability week, we thought we would share one of the government’s latest updates. You may not be aware that the government has set out ‘The special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision (AP) improvement plan.’ It proposed actions to take make improvements in SEND provision in England. To read the 100 page document in full, please click here.

Now the national SEND and AP implementation board has now been established to ensure actions are taken and to provide challenge and advice. Members will feedback and offer insight from their sector. To learn more about the National SEND and alternative provision implementation board, please click here.