Leadership through change

Episode 3: Leadership through change and adapting to an ever-changing educational world with Tanya Watts

The education landscape is ever-changing. In particular, over the last two years, we’ve seen more tremendous change than ever. Furthermore, it takes strong leadership to pull teams together and continue steering the ship in the right direction. Primary school headteacher, Tanya Watts, speaks with us about what inspires her and keeps her motivated as a leader in education. We learn about the role model teacher who guided Tanya’s journey through education.

We dive into the changes we’ve seen over the last two years and how Tanya has managed to bring staff on board and keep the school going. Tanya shares with us her ‘solution focussed’ approach that can help deal with problems that arise as a result of change. Also, we uncover the challenges that Tanya faced during the pandemic and how she was able to work around individual needs to ensure that parents, pupils and staff alike got the support they needed.

We also ask Tanya –

  • What needs to be changed in primary education to make it better for all?
  • Why are more leaders leaving the sector?
  • What are the biggest challenges in education today?
  • How did Tanya support people’s anxieties to make them feel safe?
  • What new considerations are there to arranging trips?
  • How can we recognise internal talent?
  • What one piece of advice would Tanya give to someone considering
  • applying for a leadership role?

Tanya has been through drastic change and has come out the other side, offering essential advice to anyone in the education sector.

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About our podcast series

Operam Education Leadership Recruitment recognises the challenges that education leaders face and the isolated nature of the role. So many potential leaders may also be unsure of what path to take and whether to take the leap into headship. So, we have initiated an original podcast series where we interview current leaders from a variety of backgrounds in education about their journey, challenges, and thoughts on current issues.