Covid rules update

The start of term is getting closer, so we wanted to remind you of the latest Covid rules in preparation for your safe return to school.

As from 16th August, anyone who has had two doses of a Covid vaccine (at least 14 days before encountering a positive case) or is under 18 years of age, no longer needs to quarantine if they have had contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. However, although not mandatory, the advice is that instead you should arrange a PCR test as soon as possible, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and limit contact with others, especially the clinically vulnerable. It’s common sense not to visit hospitals and care homes for 10 days afterwards but not mandatory. One should still isolate if, however, you test positive or experience Covid related symptoms then arrange a PCR test.

If someone has Covid-19 in the same household as yourself, it is advisable to keep the house well ventilated, keep your distance as much as you can and close doors within the house.

If you are returning from a red list country, you will need to quarantine for 10 days as well as book and pay for Covid tests.If you are returning from an amber list country and been double jabbed you will not need to self-isolate on your return, however, you still must book and pay for Covid tests. If you are not fully vaccinated, then you will need to self-isolate for 10 days as well as book and pay for Covid tests.If you are returning from a green list country, then no isolation rules apply but you still need to do the required Covid testing.

If you are holidaying in this country, it is worth noting that in general popular English holiday resorts such as Blackpool and Cornwall have had higher than average Covid-19 infection rates. So, although rules are relaxed, it is still worth taking the advised but not compulsory precaution of mask wearing in indoor, confined spaces, regular hand-washing and social distancing.