10 tips to teach remotely

10 tips for teachers to set work remotely

Tips for supply teachers to set work for pupils who are absent due to Covid related reasons.

This week it was announced that the number of pupils absent from school due to Covid has increased by 60 per cent in the past two weeks. The absences are due to them testing positive to Covid-19, suspected of having Covid-19, or being affected by management outbreak plans.As more and more children are absent from schools, we have listed some top tips for teachers to help children with remote learning.

  1. Make sure your instructions are simple but as detailed as possible.
  2. Check they have their books at home as some will have been unable to gather what they needed before they left school.
  3. Don’t make assumptions about what resources they have at home; they may not have a printer to use.
  4. Give prompts to start people off when setting work or give examples as it’s more difficult for them to ask you questions.
    Include links to websites where you can.
  5. Give them permission to ask questions.
  6. Give them a means to check things with you, make sure they know how to contact you e.g., via a teaching platform like
  7. FROG or your school email address.
  8. You will still be teaching in class so use free interactive resources where you can: YouTube, BBC Bitesize etc.
  9. Most importantly, stay in touch with them, they will already be likely to be feeling isolated.
  10. Reassure the pupils who are likely to be anxious about missing school, suggest extra activities for them to do if they wish.