Together making volunteering work

Although teaching is currently experiencing probably its greatest challenge, the experience of children in early years, primary and secondary education as well as their parents/guardians, has highlighted the value of face to face learning more than ever. Whilst some children may receive learning support at home through online facilities or family members, there will be some without either. Disadvantaged children will fall even further behind.

Once safe face to face learning has been established, teaching staff will need to meet the challenge of playing ‘catch up” for the whole class, so how are resources going to target children who are even farther behind? Volunteering may be the answer and needed more than ever. Perhaps a call for volunteers from ex-teachers to people from the caring profession could support learning and add capacity in the classroom.

Volunteering is unpaid work and not related to supply teaching, however, it can be a means to get into teaching or simply can be a way of supporting your local community by carrying out a valuable role that invests in children’s futures. 

Reasons you may want to consider volunteering in Education

Together continuing your dedication to teach in the classroom
You may be a retired teacher and simply miss teaching but not miss the added pressure and responsibility. Whether you have been counting down the days to reach retirement or have dreaded nearing the end of the period when you are no longer required to be in paid work, you are still likely to feel a period of loss of role and emptiness. This can be especially difficult for teachers who have taken a vocation in life to help others with a dedication that has probably gone way beyond the parameters of a normal working hours. If you no longer aspire to be a paid teacher with additional responsibilities, volunteering could be for you.

Together continuing your caring role
You may have been in the caring profession and miss not making a difference to people’s lives. It is likely that your job has meant that you have dedicated a lot of your time that has gone beyond a normal 9 to 5 role. You are a valuable asset with transferrable skills and could have a lot to offer in a range of roles, especially in settings for vulnerable adults and children/Special Education Needs. If you’re looking to explore the opportunity of a career in teaching, volunteering although unpaid, is good option.

Together sharing your talent
You may have a special talent or skill and feel that others could learn from your expertise eg. speak a foreign language, play football or rugby, engineering or computer science, the list is endless! When you share your passion with others and enable them to develop a new skill in it, or simply share your experience, then there is nothing more rewarding.