Volunteer Gateway

Together exploring your ability to teach to add capacity in the classroom

You may be thinking of becoming a teacher and need experience to see if teaching is right for you. Seeing first-hand what it is like to be a teacher in a variety of schools can help you decide whether it is what you want to do.

Completing voluntary placements in schools demonstrates that you are motivated and have insight into what it takes to be a teacher, which is an important factor to reassure others that you will be successful in completing your teacher training. If you are already volunteering in a school, you could be at the top of the priority list if any training opportunities arise. Volunteering at a school can provide:

  • The opportunity to observe and learn from experienced teachers.
  • Knowledge of the national curriculum/education system of the region you are applying to work in.
  • Evidence of your commitment.
  • Reassurance to teacher training colleges, that you know what it takes to be a teacher and are likely to complete your training.
  • Practical classroom-based examples that you can use at interview, such as small group leading and lesson planning.
  • The opportunity to gain experience in a range of settings to gain a much broader perspective on education.
  • Insight to your own skill set and areas to develop. Opportunity to explore the type of teaching you want to do i.e. primary, secondary, etc. and in what type of settings, eg. inner city, village school, etc.