Case Study

Louise, Mother

I was approached by a volunteer, who was working two afternoons per week at my 11-year-old daughter’s primary school. She was a retired teacher who was volunteering in order to give something back to the community as well as to education for her enjoyable and lengthy teaching career.

I was blown away when she offered to see my daughter on a one to one basis in order to help her with maths and English. The volunteer explained that she thought my daughter lacked confidence in these subjects and thought she could help her. She said she noticed my daughter was very polite and grateful to her when she helped her in the classroom and so offered to help her free of charge.

My daughter enjoyed the hour and a half-weekly session with her; she steadily improved as did her confidence. This made a big difference when she started secondary school as she had progressed.

I am eternally grateful to the kindness of this volunteer who put in her own time just to benefit my daughter; how wonderful it is to be so giving to others, knowing what a difference you make.