Teaching Podcast – Pivotal Podcast

We’ve discovered a great collection of recommended educational podcasts which we’ll be sharing with you each week, here’s the first in our series.

Teaching Podcast –  Pivotal Podcast:

Paul Dix, behavioural specialist and host Kevin Mulryne provide weekly ‘free CPD in your ears’. The podcast features practical advice on managing behaviour in classrooms, safeguarding, teaching and learning. Paul is extremely well connected in education and is able to convince many excellent expert interviewees on to his show to share leadership advice from their different perspectives whether it’s leading special schools, choosing the best CPD or embedding good wellbeing throughout school. Highly recommended by many, the advice and examples given are clear and practical.

Need to know:

  • The how to series on managing everything from behaviour to difficult parents is a source of much excellent advice and a great place to start.
  • Paul Dix may be familiar to some more experienced teachers from his popular series of behaviour management programmes on the original Teachers TV.
  • This is one of the most highly recommended of all the educational podcasts on our list.

Who should listen?

Anyone who works with children, especially brilliant for middle and senior leaders or teachers interested in leadership issues.

Try this episode first

Episode 188: Yes we can with Rae Snape – This is an interview with Rae Snape a primary headteacher in Cambridge with a clear vision for running her school and implementing change. If you haven’t heard of her yet you’ll be pleased you have done – it’s an inspirational listen.

Find it here: Pivotal Podcast