Podcast Inspiration

Maybe if you have time on your hands, given the lockdown restrictions, you could explore some of the amazing podcasts that are available. Do you need some podcast inspiration? We have pulled together some education orientated podcasts for you to listen to.


  1. The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast

The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast is relatively new but is filled with cutting edge educational research which is extremely interesting for those of us involved in the world of education.

Need to know
  • There is a new podcast released every fortnight, so a new and interesting episode is never far away.
  • The episodes range in length from 20 minutes up to around 45 minutes.
  • This is a great UK teacher podcast, with a focus on how educational research affects teachers, as well as how to improve outcomes for all young people!

Try this episode first: Episode 12 – Rob Webster, Teaching Assistants and inclusive education.



  1. The TES Podcast including TES Podagogy

As we all know, the team at TES has huge resource at their disposal and thanks to this they have been able to come up with not one, but two, amazing education-based podcasts! On the TES Podcast the topics discussed are wide ranging and almost all encompassing, from discussions on teacher pay, and LGBT teachers through to episodes on school staples such as SATs, Ofsted and Teacher Wellbeing.

TES Podagogy however puts a focus on bringing you the latest news, reviews and opinions from the world of education and it has played host to some big names. People like Doug Lemoy, Daisy Christodoulou, Robert Bjork and Dylan Wiliam have all been on the show giving their opinions on varying topics, and with new episodes coming out almost every week it is well worth subscribing to!

Need to know
  • Episodes vary in duration with some lasting 15 minutes and other for an hour when the team deep dive into a topic.
  • TES is usually one of the first place you can hear news about new policy announcements (alongside Third Space Learning of course), which is very helpful for those in leadership roles.
  • Each week there is also an edition of the podcast looking at the content of the week’s TES magazine, giving you an insight into what is coming up.

Try this episode first:Dylan Wiliam on growth mindset, cognitive load and the role of research in your classroom



  1. The TED Talks Education Podcast

The TED Talks Education stage is a place where some of the world’s greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders have been able to share their combined wisdom and knowledge, and the great news is that it is available for you to listen to in a podcast format! Each talk is wholly different, with every speaker bringing their own unique expertise so you will easily find one (or probably many more) that interest you. Topics that have been covered during the talks include ‘Math is forever’, ‘A new equation for intelligence’, and ‘Teach teachers how to create magic’. It isn’t just teaching tips in these podcasts, and you are highly likely to feel inspired after listening to them!

Need to know:
  • These podcasts are so varied in both topic and duration that you will need to carefully choose which one you listen too! Some are quick ten-minute episodes perfect for the walk/car journey to work, and others are up to 2 hours long for those occasions you want to delve into a topic in more detail.
  • As you may already know, TED Talks are also available in video format, so if you find a talk that you feel would benefit your class you can easily show it to them as well.

 Try this episode first: Episode 34; Math is Forever with Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón

  1. Pivotal Podcast 
  2. The Learning Scientist Podcast 


There are plenty of podcasts relating to education out there, these are just a few! We have recommended some in the past that you can find here.

Let us know what you’re listening to, this can help others discover new podcasts to!