Life after Leadership 1

A summary of our latest podcast episode – Life after Leadership:1

Here we take a look at life after leadership: 1. Firstly, leaving an education leadership role can be a difficult transition. In addition, it can be hard to know when the right time to leave is, and where to go next.

In this episode, we speak with Peter O’Brien, an education professional of 30 years experience. Peter left his role as a head teacher for an offer he could not refuse. He is now involved in working on strategy to improve education standards for pupils across the country. In our chat with Peter, we dive deep into life after leadership. Peter shares his reason for leaving and the key factors that pushed him to make the decision. The role of the head teacher has changed since Peter left into a more multifaceted role. We talk about what those new responsibilities are and how the role must change to reflect the community. Peter also offers words of wisdom for both current head teachers.  and for those teachers wanting to move into a leadership position.

We also cover:

  • How can leavers make the transition easier?
  • The main reason why 48% of leaders are looking to leave.
  • Alternative roles within education for leaders looking to change things up.
  • Has Peter ever considered leaving the education sector?
  • What does Peter miss most about being within an education environment?
  • Would Peter have had the same passion if the new opportunity wasn’t in education?

Peter has a passion for education and a wealth of knowledge. He makes this episode essential listening for anyone in education leadership – particularly if you’re looking to leave your current role.

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About Peter O’Brien

Pete O’Brien is an Education Manager with Operam Education Group and has been an education professional for 30 years. His experience includes teaching, school leadership, and strategic development. He also has been involved in the creation of collaborative partnerships that deliver greater attainment and progress for schools. Peter’s experience in advising and leading on the development of educational workforce recruitment, progress and retention, has led to a diverse career. He also has led pupil intervention programmes that benefit all community stakeholders. Pete previous roles include:

  • Schools and Regional Partnerships Manager – Fischer Family Trust.
  • Director of Partnerships- Success for All.
  • Director of Education, Learning and Development – Sugarman Education.
  • Education Advisor -ITNMark Education.
  • Head teacher in Salford  as well as Trafford.

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