GCSE Results Summary

GCSE Results Summary

Here we have compiled a GCSE results summary containing 10 need to know facts about this year’s results performance compared to other years, as well as regional differences.

  1. Top grades in GCSE results have fallen since last year by 3%.
  2. The proportion of pupils awarded a 4 and above fell by 4%.
  3. Girls continued to outperform boys but narrowed by 1.6 % compared with last year.
  4. 9%. of grades in maths were below 4.
  5. 2% of grades in English were 3 and below, these pupils will need to re-sit it.
  6. The most popular entry for GCSE was science double award.
  7. Maths remains the second most popular subject.
  8. Business studies entries increased by 4.6%, which was the biggest percentage rise in entries of any major subject.
  9. 6% of entrants in London were awarded 7 and above, compared to north-east England, Yorkshire and the Humber, where 22.4% of entrants got top grades.
  10. In general, entrants in southern English regions were awarded on average between 3 and 6% more top grades compared to northern England.

Regional variations and the attainment gap

Our GCSE results summary  shows further evidence of the North/South divide in the widening academic attainment gap. Will Quince, Schools Minister stated “…there has always been regional disparity … Every year up until the pandemic, we did see that the attainment gap reduce but the pandemic has had an impact, we know it has.”  He added that investment in early years education is key. Leaders are urging the government to give schools more resources and funding.

To learn more about the attainment gap, you may wish to read the IFS article “Lack of progress on closing educational inequalities disadvantaging millions throughout life’. You can view this by clicking  here

To find out more about Operam Education Group’s Tutoring programme, to address the attainment gap, please click here