Europe day

Have you heard of Europe day and how it started? Europe Day is held on the 9th of May every year throughout the world it and celebrates unity across Europe. It first came about when French foreign minister Robert Schuman made an important speech where he set out the idea for Europe to cooperate with each other. The so-called Schuman declaration, made in 1950, was of historical significance because it emerged from the Second World War when few countries had been untouched by war.

The theme this year is about solidarity and unity: the idea of being stronger together across Europe to ensure peace between countries.

If you are a supply teacher or supply TA wanting to plan activities for Europe Day, here are 10 ideas.

Activity ideas for Europe Day

  1. Start at the beginning and teach your class about how Europe Day started. You can include the history of Schuman’s speech.
  2. Display a map of Europe and its capital cities.
  3. Learn about different cultures within Europe
  4. Explore different types of European dance from Irish dancing, the flamenco to Greek dancing
  5. Display different European flags and maybe even get children to design a new flag
  6. Learn about different European languages perhaps learning ‘hello’ from several different countries.
  7. Why not teach pupils about the importance of unity and why countries make a pledge and its relation to maintaining peace.
  8. Although the UK left the European Union, it’s a good opportunity to teach pupils the existence of it and its significance across many European countries.
  9. Take the opportunity to learn about different foods and traditional dishes. Pupils could try houmous, baclava or Pasteis de Nata (allergies permitting).
  10. You could link it to the Eurovision Song Contest taking place the following weekend. Set in Liverpool, you could listen to song entries and vote for your class favourite.

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