AWR Policy

The AWR are a set of regulations which will provide all agency workers who are placed to work in school through a temporary supply agency the right to equal treatment compared to someone who is employed directly by the school to do the same job. Some rights will apply from day one of an assignment; these are known as “day one rights”. Further rights will apply after a 12-week calendar period. The regulations came into effect on 1st October 2011.

All agency workers including those employed via umbrella companies or other intermediaries. Workers who are genuinely self-employed are excluded although teachers cannot work in school in a self-employed capacity

Equal Treatment

Equal treatment will apply to the basic working and employment conditions of the agency worker such as:

  • Duration of working day
  • Overtime
  • Breaks
  • Holidays
  • Pay – This includes basic pay, payment for overtime and payment for annual leave
  • Terms and conditions ordinarily included in employee contracts.

These conditions should be the same for an agency worker, as for employees directly recruited by the school to do the same role.

Some aspects of equal treatment apply from day one of the worker’s assignment. The regulations give agency workers the same access to certain facilities and information provided by the school. These include:

  • Access to information on job vacancies with the school (i.e. vacancy lists)
  • Access to facilities and amenities (i.e. canteen, parking, staff room).

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