A national call from the government to retired teachers

A national call from the government has been made, requesting ex-teachers and retired teachers to support schools in remaining open, so pupils already hit by the effects of the pandemic can continue learning as much as possible.

Although teaching is currently experiencing probably its greatest challenge, supporting  children in early years, primary and secondary education has never been more rewarding. The value of face to face learning has been appreciated not only by parents and guardians but by children themselves who are desperate to be school.

Whilst some children have received learning support at home through online facilities and helped by family members throughout school closures, many have not, especially the already disadvantaged who have fallen even further behind.

Many retired teachers who are considering returning to the classroom will understandably have concerns about how pay may affect their pension. We can reveal retired teachers who choose to work via a supply agency, will not have their pension affected.

Other questions retired teachers may have about supply teaching is being in control of the amount of hours they work. Working for a supply agency means you remain in control of the hours you work whether it’s a one day, a full week or something between. You can stipulate weeks you want to work and will not have the commitment of working a full school term, if you don’t want to, and can remain working flexibly.

If you are a retired teacher who would like to return to the classroom at this most needed time but do not want full commitment to teaching and have questions, please give us a call or register your details with us and we will contact you.