10 teacher preparation tips

10 teacher preparation tips to help you start the new academic year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer break but now is the time to start thinking about those little tasks that will help you get a good start. So here are 10 teacher preparation tips to help you start the new academic year.

  1. Prepare pupil desk names/labels.
  2. Plan ahead with an academic key date calendar that includes holiday and awareness days. Our candidates will be able to access the Operam Education Group 2023/24 calendar shortly.
  3. Prepare welcome back packs.
  4. Prepare welcome back activities like ‘All about me”, “What I did this summer’, make a bookmark.
  5. Set up your filing system whether its paper or computerised.
  6. Print off your resources for your first week.
  7. Take time to familiarise yourself with any new digital systems. The pandemic made us all get to grips with Zoom/Teams and online parents’ evenings. Check if there is anything new to negotiate this year.
  8. Whether you need a new water bottle, pen or paper, get ahead by making a list and order it online to save time or go shopping.
  9. Prepare some meals advance, batch cook now so you have a few freezer meals to come into or to have for lunch.
  10. Plan some time for yourself, and activities you enjoy for the beginning of term so you are looking after your wellbeing early on.

Looking for your next supply teaching role or ECT supply teaching role?

If you are a supply teacher looking for your first role to start the new academic year, give your local office a call, we are ready to help.
ECTs are welcome to contact us as we are here to support you find your first role. You can read more tips specifically to help you choose the right agency, understand more about ECT supply teaching roles, tips for interviews and when you start your first ECT supply teaching role.

You can view our ECT support page here  or access our ECT digital guide for free here